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PlaySkool ShowCam Review

0065356987819_500X500Earlier this week, thanks to the folks at, I got one of these cameras in the mail to test out with my girls. It was perfect timing, as I had been looking online for a camera for my middle three, and this, I hoped would fit the bill.

We LOVE it.



H1 spent a lot of time just sitting and going through all the different animations and cartoon photo add-ons you can use.

We also spent a lot of time playing with the projector option. G1 loved seeing pictures of her sisters and dad show up on the wall.



(Sorry for the blur – it’s hard to hold a camera, laugh and take a picture at the same time).

Over all – we have been very happy with this camera. It’s a good child’s camera. Below I will list the pros and cons and from there you can make up your own minds.


  • Easy to use – large enough for small hand to hold securely
  • Fun to use – the animations and cartoon add-ons have provided hours of entertainment for us so far.
  • Sturdy – H1 dropped ours the first night we had it and I thought the camera would be doomed. It worked just as well as before – no problems!
  • Bright colors – I actually preferred this color combination… why make a toy like this gender specific?
  • Good image quality. Personally, since there is no way that this camera is expected to be a top of the line Nikon, Olympus or Coolpix like my baby, I was not disappointed in the fact that some pictures came out a little over exposed.
  • The projector option was the best part! N1, L1 and H1 have spent literally hours (and a lot of batteries) watching their creations on the walls. So much happiness and giggling!


  • No USB cable included. It has literally taken me three days to find a spare USB cable that I could spare and that would fit. If I had purchased this item retail, I would have been willing to pay a little more (around $3) to have one included in the box. The USB is needed if you want to take the pictures your little ones have taken and send them to family member around the world.
  • No flash. My biggest frustration. This camera does not do well in low light/dim rooms. Something my girls can’t seem to understand. There has been some upset over what they felt would be the most perfect picture EVER not coming out because of it.
  • My next biggest con was the fact that it is a battery eater. We are on our fourth set of Duracells now. I suppose this wouldn’t be a huge issue if you had rechargeable batteries, but I think it would be nice if the camera itself was chargable like my point and shoot.

All in all we’ve had a wonderful time with this camera. I would fully recommend it for ages 3-7 as a birthday or Christmas present. However, as with all things, research and make sure you understand it’s limitations so there is no frustration on the back end.

Note: I was soo excited to get to try this camera out with my girls through the PlaySkool ShowCam Bzz Campaign. A Bzz Campaign is program through BzzAgent that sends free products and coupons to people to let them try out new items and products, thereby harnessing the most powerful form of marketing out there right now – work of mouth and Mommy power 😉