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Well finally!

I love my children. They are my life. What I don’t like (sometimes) is their unending curiosity about all things electronic… and by curiosity I mean their inability to not touch my things – like my cellphone, my tablet or my beloved Nikon L810.

On a recent trip to the Clearwater Aquarium (which was actually closed due to the filming of Dolphin 2), I discovered that one of my Darling Little Ones had dropped the camera and that it was now out of warranty. *sigh* Then calling around, I discovered that it was going to cost more than a brand new Nikon to fix! Grrrrr!

So cue me trying to decide what to do. Get a new camera or fix the old one? Today I finally decided to get a new camera – after all we have Christmas, a trip to Disney and a drive across country in the next 6 months, not to mention our move to Australia in June/July of 2014. I was so happy because Target has the Nikon L820 on sale for $199. Well… apparently this has been popular because they were out… in all the Targets within 50 miles of us.

Color me depressed 😦

What they did have was the Pentax X-5. A commensurate bridge camera that should be awesome for all the events listed above and for documenting all our holiday craftings 🙂

So far, I am impressed with the picture quality – and I had such lovely little models to test it out on!!

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