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Rainbow Angel Wings Pinafore


It hasn’t been often recently that I have had enough time to sit down and crochet something. I enjoy it a lot, so I took advantage of S1 breaking his computer and hijacking mine to do a bit of crochet. I had this lovely, soft yarn that I picked up at a garage sale, and I decided that it was the best choice for this little dress.

I managed to get 99.9% of the dress made out of one skein of yarn… however, I ran short by three shells on the finishing row *sadface*


But since it’s the back I don’t think that anyone will really notice.

This little dress crocheted up really quickly, making the shells got a little tedious, but when it was done, it was well worth the 2DCCH2DC shells for so many rows 😉 I believe this dress/tunic will look fantastic this winter with a white or maybe blue turtleneck underneath it and a cute pair of leggings or jeans. I know G1 loved this and got quite upset with me when I tried to take it off to get the pictures of the dress on the hanger! 🙂




I used this pattern: Angel Wings Pinafore