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Caterpillar Sushi

I lived in Japan for about 15 months back in 2002 – 2003. I fell in love with the country, it’s people and it’s food… well for the most part. Some of the things I ate there means I will never wear the tag “culinary coward”. One thing I fell in deep adoration for, was well made sushi. I still dream of properly prepared and seasoned rice, toasted nori paper, fresh fish and yes… even large salmon eggs that are almost too salty and pop in your mouth.

When DH and I moved back to the US, I was sad. I missed my sushi. I had been traumatized on a recent trip back home to Australia as I had discovered that someone had through it an excellent idea to put BBQ chicken in rice and nori. *shudders* And when I got to the states… well! Cream cheese? Really? In sushi?!? *gags* I was sad, despondent, and disappointed.

Picture DH to the rescue! Shortly before L1 was born, DH set about learning the art of sushi making. He learnt how to make the rice the way I like it. He made California roll after California roll – I was pregnant remember and had a morbid fear of eating fresh fish at the time – I know the error of my ways now. Anyways, that brings me to today. Today my husband made me some cute sushi! Well I think it’s cute!


It’s a caterpillar! I nommed it down almost before I could get a picture 😉


It is toasted nori paper (he toasted it himself), Nishiki sushi rice, some green onion and nori wrapped surimi. Not photographed was the dollop of fresh, real wasabi and the soy sauce.

It was delicious and gone within minutes. And I appreciate the time and effort that went into this lunch for me!

Bento – it’s what’s for lunch!



I posted the other day about making my own sandwich thins for my girls lunch and here is the results! It’s so cute! I haven’t got a fantabulous collection of bento picks or cutters as yet, but I honestly don’t think that my girls mind!

This bento lunch contained lime jello with mandarin segments. A Freddo Frog – a chocolate treat my awesome brother and SIL sent the girls from Australia, a fruit salad made of grapes, raspberries and melons cut in the shape of a half moon. In the main second is my honey wheat sandwich thin ham and cheese sandwich and a small cup of goldfish. Not pictured in their juice box of Mango Tango Honest Kids Juice or their chobani  yogurt champions.

When this box came home from school, there as nothing but crumps. A definate winner!

Caramel Chex Mix


I am trying to keep this interesting for the girls this year for school lunches. I am also going to start moving them towards a more gluten free diet, as well as one without a lot of artificial food colorings. So the snack above wins on one, and not so much on the other – but it is a work in progress!  I used this recipe: Caramel Chex Mix, and the only changes that I made was to add crushed up macadamia nuts. I also used honey instead of the corn syrup.  I also used white chocolate M&M’s (I found them on the discount rack at Target FTW) and Mini M&Ms. Next time I’ll just go with the regular sized M&Ms… the minis got lost in the mix in my opinion.

So far it has been a complete hit. I had to hide it away in an air tight container last night so that the kids wouldn’t nom it all down.

I am having fun at these link parties today!! :

linkparty_buttonTuesday To Do Party

Bacon Cheese and Onion Quiche



I love quiche. I didn’t always. I used to roll my eyes and complain when I was a young one – mostly because I am/was super picky about textures and not eating things that jiggle. However, a few years ago, my awesome mother gave me her recipe for Impossible Pie – a self crusting version of her egg and bacon pie. It was fantastic and so versatile!  You could add practically anything and it would taste fabulous no matter what!

Anyways, this morning I was looking at my meal plan for today and I decided that I couldn’t stand another night of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and decided that I wanted something light and that went well with a nice green romaine salad. This was it!


I stole the recipe from here: Bacon, Egg and Cheese Quiche, but added some chopped fresh parsley, salt and pepper to taste, a head of roasted garlic and some finely chopped onion.

It was exactly what the doctor ordered for dinner!!

Lunchbox Part Two

bento1As this week has gone on, I’ve managed to make sure than I haven’t given the girl’s sandwiches in their lunch boxes. They aren’t too fond of sandwiches to start off with, but I will admit it’s been a little challenging for me.

Last night I had a moment of inspiration! Since I was making a pasta bake, and would have left over noodles, I made a quick Mac  n Cheese and baked them like cupcakes in the oven. Next I made chocolate cupcakes with plain greek yogurt – tasty and healthy! Then things get a little different. L1 decided that carrots and peanut butter where sent directly from the devil, so I gave her some relatively healthy fruit snacks instead. Everyone got two oreos, some grapes and blueberries and a simply go-gurt. Not pictured is the banana I added for afternoon snack, the small bags of natural, lightly salted popcorn, and the honest company fruit juice pouches.

Hopefully this lunch will be a hit… I am planning on making carrot mini cake cookies and maybe some zucchini brownies for the upcoming week. Maybe even a rolled up rice krispie treat! 🙂

Tune in later for some actual crafty pics!